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Memories of Lemuria


The exhibition " Memories of Lemuria " presents the graphic, filigree works of Stefano Alaimo . The Franco-Italian artist lived in Madagascar until he was 15 years old. In his pictures, clear, graphic sobriety in black and white merges with the overwhelming, living, organic beauty of nature. This combination of supposed opposites also describes the collaboration with the Berlin design studio BÂTAR D´ESTE . The founder of the studio , Stefan Teske , moves in the area of textiles, sculpture and surfaces. Stefan Teske works both as a freelance artist in the visual and sculptural area, as well as in applied design of sculptural design.

The initial spark of the two artists was the desire to unite their talents in an artistic symbiosis that goes beyond language and culture. Stefano Alaimo and Stefan Teske approach the collaboration with a playful approach and dance fluently between art and design.

The blousons of the limited "JACARANDA" series are created at the intersection of flat graphics and sculptural form

The result of the points of contact between France and Germany will be presented to you in “ La Case Paulette ” Berlin.


  • The "Jacaranda" series is the result of an artistic symbiosis   (2022) by BÂTAR D'ESTE and visual artist Stefano Alaimo.

    Stefano Alaimo, who comes from a Franco-Italian family and grew up in Madagascar until he was 15, draws his inspiration primarily from Malagasy handicrafts, East End art, Byzantine figuration and European Baroque architecture. The practice of drawing, which he developed while studying graphic design, has become a central part of his artistic approach. He mainly creates large format drawings with ink and a lot of detail. The spirit behind Stefano Alaimo's drawings is an attempt to achieve the cold objectivity of a scientific illustration. He chooses black and white because it's cold and unemotional. The perpetual frontal view and the flat appearance of the object are chosen for the same reason. His trees resemble botanical diagrams, his bodies look straight out of an anatomical treatise. The artist tries to keep his emotions at bay. Sheets of paper become canvases behind which he can imprison demons. They are memories of overwhelming beauty, petrifying horror or disturbing fantasies. And yet these attempts fail again and again: the drawings are crawling, bubbling, the paper is overflowing. Stefano Alaimo is also interested in digital art (video, interactivity).

    The “Jacaranda” bomber blousons exist  from original prints by  Stefano Alaimos  Drawings. The screen prints are personally made and printed by the artist. BÂTAR D´ESTE, in cooperation with Stefano Alaimo  a strictly limited series  designed by hand from three models and manufactured locally in Berlin.

    Any pressure  is a one-off and therefore each of our "Jacaranda" bomber blousons is unique. 

    Differences in material, stains, color  or other superficial bumps are intended by the artist and us  and at the same time underline the authenticity.

    With this project, we continue to pursue the claim to sustainability anchored in our manifesto.

    The model is cut and made in our Berlin studio.


    Bomber jacket


    _wide fit

    _short hem with elastic cuffs in black

    _symmetrically inserted 2-way zipper in black

    _Collar with elastic cuffs in black

    _Low sleeves with gusset for comfort

    _Sleeves generously cut with elastic cuffs on the sleeve hem

    _inside silvery or black contrasting lining

    _two zippered pockets on the outside

    _one welt pocket inside

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