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BÂTAR D´ESTE is an artisanal, contemporary, slow fashion design studio, with sustainable, zero waste, genderfluidity approach, based in Berlin. Our constantly evolving, permanent collection consists of

contemporary classics, urban reinterpretations and progressive avant-garde pieces.
Artisanal contemporary“ means, we are on the intersection of design, craft and art.
Slow fashion“ means, we are independent from seasons and unbound to trends plus we work made-to-order without stock or sale.

Our concept philosophy:



„learning past - creating future“



roots in the „Arts & Crafts Movement“. We want high quality in terms of fabric, material and manufacturing. We use original certified handwoven HARRIS TWEED® from Scotland, traditional Loden broadcloth from Bavaria, handcrafted hallmark lining moiré from France.
We also use
recycled and reused materials for a limited series of pieces. Furthermore, we collaborate regularly with artists and artisans for common projects.


Our values due to our manifest are
_slow fashion

_permanent collection
_all ages
_real people
_zero waste approach
_body positivity

Our permanent collection of jackets, coats and accessories are manufactured local in Germany, Berlin.

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